How Our Customers
Appreciate Us

I can’t think of a better way to take this important adaptogenic…. delicious!

Barbara K

Now I am not a big fan of honey but when I tasted Dr. Sunder’s cinnamon honey I really enjoyed it and had to get some more.

Rachel C

Ashwagandha This delicious honey is amazing in anything! I particularly enjoy it in my evening relaxing herb tea. The high-quality Ashwagandha is an incredible adaptogen and stress & anxiety reliever and the honey itself is a scrumptious treat. I have also tried Dr. Sunder’s Tumeric and also the Cinnamon blended honey and they are also yummy. My adult son loves to use the Tumeric honey in his BBQ sauce and I must say, it makes the flavor amazing!

Dr. Patricia

“Brain Tune Honey with Cinnamon tastes great in my “Honey Grilled Chicken. It’s the hit of the BBQ”

Josh N

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